Why Wilks

Why Wilks

In such a competitive market we all want to keep our customer happy, which in turn keeps our bosses very happy.

Take a moment to consider the facts:


All of our REACH compliant materials are sourced within the UK and all recycled materials are recovered in-house.

How's that for simplicity?

In addition we actively follow and maintain our Green Policy which has seen working with local government schemes and investing in the latest energy saving technologies.

From energy efficient lights and motors to rain water harvesting linked to the cooling baths in our production lines, we are always on the lookout for the next energy saving step we can make.


As manufacturers we can tailor to your specific needs and with surprisingly low minimum orders.

Working closely over new designs and prototypes? We're here for you.

Accent colours for a one-off project? We can do it.

Short delivery times? Not a problem.


We understand our business and take the time to understand our customers requirements in order to help them to achieve their goals - on time, on budget.


We have been supplying the leading supermarket chains with their checkout bumper since 1991.

There's a wealth of experience on our side for you to use to your advantage.

... isn't it time that you specified us?