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Wilks has a large range of fendering, to ensure that there is a fender or rub rail for everyone and every boat. This results in some more unique-shaped versatile profiles, that are just as effective and high quality as the larger categories.

Our range encompasses handrails, edging trims for hatches, flexible PVC profiles, hollow round profiles, low friction MDPE, buffers, and corner guards. Explore our applications page to uncover some of the uses of these versatile profiles.

Wilks Fendering: Hollow Round Profiles


Hollow round profiles are known for their versatility, making them suitable for a variety of uses and environments. They offer durability and reliability, for the marine sector and other industries alike.

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Wilks flexible PVC profiles are a more malleable version of the popular rigid PVC range. Made with a slightly softer material, flexible PVC profiles are adept at handling curves and contours with precision and ease. This range is completed with a range of colourful PVC inserts for improved style and function.

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Wilks Fendering: Low Friction MDPE


Low friction profiles are made from MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) and offer a hard-wearing surface. Ideal for enduring conditions in hot climates.

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A selection of Wilks edging trims and hatch seals.

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Wilks Edging Trims
Wilks Fendering: Handrails


Wilks handrails are designed to clip over bars and surfaces. This is to allow for increased protection of the highly used areas they are applied.

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Wilks buffers provide a cushioned area for high contact zones in a multitude of environments.

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Wilks Fendering: Buffers
Corner Guards - Cheq


Wilks corner guard fendering is able to be applied to edges, that can run either horizontally or vertically. These guards offer increased protection to potentially vulnerable areas.

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