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designed for the marine environment

The Wilks fendering range is perfectly placed to meet the needs of boat builders, chandlers and retail customers.

The Wilks range of fendering/rub rails offers a solution for every boat. From our Click and Bump ranges to the highly popular and stylish Aluminium range and practical D, B and U shaped profiles, we’re sure you will find the solution you need.

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Bump Fendering Range

Bump Fendering Range

A highly versatile fendering solution

Stylish and easy to fit and available in two sizes.

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Click Fendering Range

Click Fendering Range

Take a look at our innovative Click range

It’s as simple as it sounds. Available in four sizes.

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Aluminium Range

Aluminium Range

Sleek and stylish polished aluminium

Our popular aluminium range in seven sizes.

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Wilks Fendering - Rigid PVC

Rigid PVC Fendering

Rigid PVC profiles, a classic alternative to Ali fendering, can be heated to accommodate curves like a downward gunwale curve toward a bathing platform. Available with PVC or stainless steel inserts, these profiles allow your fendering to complement your boat’s design.

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D Fendering Range

The Wilks range of ‘D’ fender profiles / rub-rails provide an ideal and simple fendering solution. The D fender design delivers a high level of protection making them well suited for busy marine environments, for boats and pontoons.

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D Profiles from Wilks
Wilks Fendering - U Profiles

U Fendering Range

The U fendering range is designed to fit over a flange style hull join, in order to cover the vulnerable area. The wide array of U profiles comes in various shapes. Allowing for seamless integration with existing rivets or bolts on the flange.

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B Fendering Range

B profiles are a change of pace from the traditional D fendering. Both are adept at handling more demanding marine environments, but their different shapes can completely change the visual style of the boat’s design.

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Wilks Fendering - B Profiles
Wilks Fendering - Traditional Range

Traditional Fendering Range

This range offers a superb alternative to wooden rubbing strakes and provides a convincing wood-grain effect once sanded.

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