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Wilks is trusted for its protective rub rails and end caps by equestrian studs and horsebox manufacturers across the UK and Ireland.

Recently, Wilks fendering and rub rails have been used to to furnish major studs and stables. With larger profiles acting as anti-casting strips. In order to help horses regain their balance with much less chance of injury to themselves or others.

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Wilks Fendering - Equestrian - Stables

Stable Wall Protection

Wilks’ ‘D’ profiles offers an ideal solution for addressing horse casting issues. Strategically placed on stable walls, allows for horses to gain traction with their hooves, aiding them in repositioning and standing freely. Crafted from durable PVC material, Wilks profiles offer longevity and resilience in a busy equestrian environment.

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Horse Box Rub Rail Solutions

Wilks fendering is highly regarded by the horsebox industry for its diverse range of profiles, which includes high quality aluminium protective trims and end caps. The Wilks Ali range offers trims and rub rails that can be conveniently fitted at both high and low levels along the length of the horsebox.

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Wilks Fendering - Equestrian - Whittaker
Wilks Fendering - Equestrian - Stables

A Safer Solution with Style

Wilks’ D profiles provide a hassle-free alternative to wood, eliminating the risk of splintering and requiring minimal maintenance. However, if you prefer a wooden look, many of Wilks’ D profiles are available in a traditional finish, offering both visual and textural resemblance to real wood, alongside options in black and white PVC.

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