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We have a long established history of supplying horsebox manufacturers across the UK and Ireland with our range of equestrian products such as protective rub rail and end caps.

In recent years, we have used our expertise to furnish major studs and stables with larger profiles to act as anti-casting strips. In order to assist horses in righting themselves with a greatly reduced risk of injury to both themselves and others.

Equestrian Anti-cast profiles and wall protection for stables and stud farms

Wilks - Impact protection - Equestrian - Stables

Stable Wall Protection

Wilks ‘D’ profile is the perfect solution to the problem of casting. Strategic positioning on each stable wall enables the horse to gain purchase with their hooves allowing them to better position themselves so that they may roll over and stand freely.

The profile is manufactured using PVC which provides a durable and lasting product. The material lends itself well to the stable environment providing excellent levels of protection which can withstand repeated knocks.

A Safer Solution

The advantage of using our D profile over alternatives such as wood is that after installation there is no further maintenance required and more importantly there is no danger of splintering after impact which in itself could lead to injury to the horse especially if unattended at the time.

In the event of a cast horse it is always prudent to contact your vet to discuss the circumstances, especially if it is evident that they have been cast for a long period.

Wilks - Impact protection - Equestrian - Stables

Rub rail, trim and protective profiles for horseboxes

Wilks - Impact protection - Equestrian - Horse Boxes

Horse Box Solutions

Wilks are long established suppliers of protective trim and end caps to the horsebox industry with a range of profiles available from stock.

Our aluminium horsebox rub rail can be fitted at both high and low level along the length of the vehicle.

Protecting Your Horse Box

The rub rail is supplied in two parts: a polished and anodised aluminium body and a flexible PVC insert designed to protect your vehicle from knocks and scrapes. After installation either aluminium or stainless steel end caps are used to finish.

We also offer a range of PVC D buffers and B buffers which have been designed to offer high levels of protection whilst absorbing heavy impacts.

Wilks - Impact protection - Equestrian - Whittaker

A selection of our most popular equestrian systems and colours are carried in stock for prompt despatch.
Please contact our sales team for further details.

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