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Elevating Shopfitting Standards

With over 50 years of experience and development, Wilks’ shopfitting range is dedicated to offering more than just the standard assortment of bumpers in typical lengths and colours.

We offer bumper systems in diverse colours, complete with matching end caps and corner mouldings. Our versatile options suit various applications, including individual packs for smaller projects.

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Wall Protection

Our wall protection bumper range, including crash guards and corner guards, are built to handle heavy impacts in busy areas like back of the store. They offer versatility, covering various problem spots from walls to loading bays. With Wilks, you get peace of mind knowing you’ve installed the right product for the job.

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Outside of the Store

Wilks shopfitting profiles aren’t just for protecting the inside of the store; they also extend to outdoor areas. From Hi-Vis bumps to keep trolleys in the park to protective corner buffers in car parks, Wilks has the solution you need.

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Fixture Protection

Our fixture protection bumpers are crafted in-house, giving us full control over the manufacturing process and allowing customisation for specific customer needs. Designed for easy installation, they excel in providing protection against damage. In addition to bumpers, we offer handrails, floor seals, and other fixture trims to complete installations with precision and reliability.

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Custom Colours

Custom colours are available, with slightly extended delivery times and reasonable minimum orders. Our in-house tooling facility manager works closely with customers to ensure that the profiles meet their exact requirements. Previously, our production facility has successfully developed profiles in green, red, blue, and yellow.

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Wilks Shopfitting Fendering - Custom Colours

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