50mm Flexible Bump Rail

50mm Dual Hardness Bump Rail    50mm Dual Hardness Bump Rail


Wilks 50mm bumper has been designed to help your walls and fixtures deal with the physical nature of day-to-day activity within your store.

The larger brother of our 30mm profile has the same traits as its sibling in bringing colour, flexibility and superb levels of protection to the sales floor.


Designed to hug curves without deformation or the need to preform.

Our crash rail clips to the track by hand quickly and simply and without the need for specialist tools.

Available in dual-hardness featuring internal rigid strips to eliminate stretching when fitting... and shrinking once fitted. Every little helps to keep your store looking as good as it was designed.


Bumper is manufactured in flexible PVC (dual-hardness version also features rigid PVC strips).

Track is manufactured in rigid PVC to add strength and security.


Matching polypropylene end stops and 90° corners are available to finish.


Available in a choice of 9 stock colours.

Wilks stock colour range

Further information

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