Green Policy - sustainability and our commitments

What is Wilks doing to be a more responsible company and what does this mean for our day-to-day business?



Finding ways to protect the world around us

As a manufacturing company, we’re responsible for protecting and safeguarding the environment in which we operate. We don’t just utter reassuring words about the environment. We take positive steps to reduce the environmental impact of what we do.

Our objectives are to:

  • consume fewer resources – including energy
  • prevent pollution of air and water
  • eliminate polluting emissions to the workplace and external environment
  • minimise, re-use, recover and recycle waste wherever possible
  • consider the environmental effects of raw materials and their sourcing
  • encourage sound health, safety and environmental practices by suppliers, sub-contractors and customers



What are we doing to be a more responsible company?

We're committed to reducing our impact on the planet and delivering more sustainable products to our customers. But we can only do this if sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. That's why we've integrated sustainability into every area of our business - for the benefit of our clients, employees and the world around us.

Our commitments

We’ve set down our commitments to the environment, including how we aim to improve our energy efficiency. And although we can’t put a stop to global issues and dilemmas, we have strong principles in playing our part in dealing with them.

Sustainable products

Sustainability isn’t just about producing more sustainable products. It’s about finding new ways to do things. With this in mind, we’ve designed our own eco-efficiency strategy which we have implemented on our existing ranges of products as well as incorporating into all of our new product designs. Please refer to our news section for our latest developments


As a company what we do doesn’t simply stop at the front door.   That’s why Wilks involves itself in projects at a local level in support of the surrounding community.


With the growing threat of climate change and the scarcity of raw materials, sustainability is crucial to the future of our planet.   We’re constantly looking to minimize our effect on the world and its resources, focusing on materials efficiency, energy & climate, water usage and having as little impact as possible on the land and air around us.

Our performance

We manage and monitor every aspect of our performance. By maximizing our efficiency we can also ensure that we are minimizing our wastage.


Energy efficiency

We’re constantly looking for more sustainable solutions

Wilks has a strong track record in making the most of our energy. But we want to do more. So we’ll continue improving our energy efficiency and reducing the carbon-intensity of our production processes.

So how are we doing so far?

  • we have invested in Voltage Optimisation to reduce our electricity demand by 20%
  • we have replaced D/C motors within our older extrusion machines with energy efficient A/C drives
  • we have replaced inefficient fluorescent tube lighting with LED equivalent throughout our factory and offices
  • we added PIR sensors to lighting in areas of low traffic to prevent needless use of energy
  • we have installed a rain water harvesting system to handle the majority of our water demand during the manufacturing process
  • we ensure that at least 95 percent of all water used in the cooling process is recycled
  • we’ve assessed the eco-efficiency/carbon footprint of key products
  • we’ve developed several carbon-efficient solutions for our customers
  • we include energy efficiency and carbon footprint criteria in our investment decisions

Use of waste materials

Our factory is equipped with granulators able to change virtually all of our waste material back into chip form enabling us to integrate it back into the production process.   This vastly reduces the level of material handled by our external recycling collector.

Looking to the future

We are take an active interest in our carbon commitment and look to revise our strategy as an ongoing process as new opportunities present themselves.

We take all of these things into consideration throughout our business. And ultimately, we’re committed to supplying our customers with the innovative, sustainable products which have become synonymous with Wilks.