Fendering Colours: Protect Your Boat, Express Your Style

Fendering is often only deemed as a functional and practical element of a boat, so colours and styles can be overlooked when choosing the right profile. Luckily, Wilks fendering is available in a variety of materials, styles, colours and sizes, in fact, over over a hundred different profiles, all carefully designed to ensure that when you pick the right fendering for your boat, it is also the right fender for you.

Black and White

Most of our profiles come in black or white as standard.

With black fendering, you can enjoy a sleek aesthetic. The fendering is able to underline the shape and style of the boat whilst protecting your boat.

With white fendering, you can highlight the modern style of your boat. It can also add a touch of elegance to your boat, making it stand out from the crowd.

These Wilks fendering options are highly UV-resistant, ensuring that your boat stays looking its best for longer. Their durability and resistance make either one a great choice for any boat owner.

See below, PVC 2379 fitted to a Warrior 6Mtr Open, providing a sharp dramatic contrast to the white colour of the boat.

Wilks Innovative Fendering: Black and white colours for fendering

Traditional Range

Certain profiles such as BUMP! are available in a traditional finish. This traditional range was created with traditional boats in mind, thus capturing the beauty of wood whilst removing the maintenance and hassle of wooden fenders. This fendering is perfect for rubbing strakes, handrails, toe rails, gunwale capping and classic finishing profiles.

See below, the traditional range, present on a Rhea Marine. Really pulling together the classic feel of the boat.

Aluminium and Stainless Steel

If you require or prefer a rigid-body-and-insert combination type of fendering, then you have the added options of aluminium and stainless steel.

For the body, you can decide between the black and white rigid PVC options and aluminium bodies. All options are able to compliment a boat’s clean lines whilst also retaining an insert.

For the insert, you can choose a PVC insert or if you have decided upon a rigid PVC body, you can choose a pre-drilled stainless steel insert. This can provide a modern and contemporary look to coincide with your boats’ style.

See the PVC 1881R matched with 25mm stainless steel on the Oryx 42. Helping to elevate the boat’s style and maintain the elegant feel of the hull.

Custom Colours

If you have a style in mind for your boat, but white, black, aluminium or a traditional finish isn’t what you had in mind, then consider speaking to our expert sales team to discover how we can make Wilks fendering work for you. For example, in the past we have produced many unique and individual profiles in a number of colours. With bright blue, orange, and pink being made on occasion for a reasonable minimum order quantity. This attention to detail ensures that you can show off your boat at its very best.

See some inspiration for custom colours for the CLICK range.

Fendering is important for your boat’s protection but it doesn’t have to be limited to black and white.

To discuss your fendering requirements, custom or otherwise, contact the sales team.