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Dek-King® synthetic teak marine decking is the ultimate alternative to the traditional teak decking that we all know and love.

Over 40 years of British manufacturing and design experience have combined to deliver this superb marine decking solution which retains the look and feel of a real teak boat deck whilst providing excellent anti-slip performance and low maintenance requirements.

Our synthetic teak boat decks are designed, fabricated and installed by professional teams who combine modern construction techniques with traditional hand crafted finishing so that they virtually indistinguishable in look and feel to real teak wood decks.

Individual synthetic teak planks of Dek-King® are thermally joined to create fully welded, waterproof panels specifically tailored to match the marine decking requirements of boat builders, boat yards and boat owners.

The result is a boat deck manufactured to deliver the ultimate in terms of both performance and design.

The material used for Dek-King® is a UV stabilised outdoor grade PVC, it is easy to look after and doesn't lose its good looks to sunlight or harsh conditions of the marine environment. The inbuilt graining provides a convincing wood effect and with the correct care your synthetic teak boat deck will retain its classic looks for many years to come without the risk of fading, cracking or splitting.

Dek-King marine flooring is manufactured under licence and covered by the following patents:

EU: EP 1 196 672
South Africa: 2001/10348
China: ZL00809373.3
USA: 6,895,881
Canada: 2,377,960
South Korea: 10-0765000
Australia: 769707

Dek King 2G

Premium Synthetic Decking with 2G technology
A difference you can truly feel

32% lighter in weight

30% cooler underfoot

100% recyclable

REACH compliant

Lighter marine decking for greater efficiency under sail and power

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Panels are professionally welded to provide you with a marine decking solution of the highest level of performance.

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deck designer & quote

Our designer allows you to experiment with boat deck design styles and synthetic teak colours ready for us to base your quote upon.

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colour options

Dek-King® Weld is available in 6 colour combinations to provide you with a marine decking solution that matches your requirements.

Be it with the bright finish of a freshly laid teak deck, one that has been in use for a couple of seasons or to look like a deck that has been well weathered from the elements, we are able to supply the product to match your needs.

Teak with black caulking
Euroteak with black caulking
Euroteak with cream caulking
Black with grey caulking
Aged with black caulking
Weathered with black caulking
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specifications & care

Less work, more play.A real teak look without the maintenance.

Fully welded seams
Anti-slip, even when wet
Professional fabrication
5-year material guarantee
Stain resistant
6 stock colours
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photo gallery

View images of marine decking installations across a variety of boat deck styles and synthetic teak colours as well as other applications.

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