Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

Phthalate free PVC boat fendering and more besides

Working in the plastics industry we are very aware of our environmental responsibility in terms of conserving energy and resources whilst using the greenest materials available to us.

Our Green Policy ensures that throughout our company we are always mindful of our current actions as well as those we choose to make in the future.

Over the years PVC has gotten a bad name for itself due to plasticisers which were added forming a material compound ready for use in manufacturing. At this stage phthalates were added to provide flexibility to products and it is these phthalates that were flagged as being particularly harmful to the environment, particularly at the end of the product life-cycle. For this reason we only use phthalate free PVC during our manufacturing process and therefore we have removed the threat of harmful toxins potentially leaching from our products. At Wilks we are avid recyclers and avoid sending our waste to landfill wherever possible. We operate a dedicated pelletising line which enables us to recycle our production waste in-house by producing material pellets which can be re-manufactured into products.

All materials used within our PVC and aluminium boat fendering is manufactured within the UK. This dramatically lowers the carbon footprint for our domestic customers when placed in direct comparison to using a supply chain that sources profiles from overseas locations. Not only do we provide a straightforward and viable alternative but importantly our prices remain competitive too.

We feel that our ideals are well reflected within our Green Policy... and we do our utmost to uphold them!

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