Hard Wearing, Low friction Fendering for Hot Climates

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  • 13th Jun 2019
Marine Fendering for Broom Boats Explorer
Marine Fendering for Broom Boats Explorer
Marine Fendering for Broom Boats Explorer

Here at Wilks, we work with a variety of boat builders in hotter climates such as the UAE. In these hotter climates, standard PVC protection is not always suitable as it can soften when exposed to high temperatures.

Looking for a solution that would cater for fishing boats in the UAE, we created PVC 1446. When designing the profile, our team were mindful that the boats would primarily be used for a unique method of handheld line fishing popular in the UAE. A method that requires a low friction fendering profile.

After research, our toolroom chose to create a new B profile design, incorporating an overlapping leg to hold the profile level around the hull. B profiles are a popular choice for working boats as they deliver maximum impact protection with the shape allowing for quick fitting whilst also protecting the fixtures and fittings.

When it came to the material, MDPE (medium density polyethene) was chosen due to its ability to sustain high temperatures whilst also having a low friction surface.

Following successful in-house testing and trials, PVC 1446 became available to the UAE and general Gulf market with a minimum order quantity of 500 metres.

The tooling is now held in our extensive archive of over 1500 extrusion dies, allowing for tried and tested impact protection to be manufactured quickly for all marine customers (subject to minimum order quantities).

Photos courtesy of Al Yousuf Industrial L.L.C, showing PVC 1446 fitted to their YAMAHA W 19 S.

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