Traditional look fendering system fitted to a classic open launch

By Scott Berry 17 January 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

When refitting an 8.25 metre ex-Admiralty motor whaler, Dockland Scout Project chose to fit PVC 2085/6 from our Traditional Range of boat fendering to deliver a well-matched finish to their launch.


PVC 2085/6 is supplied with both track and body profile. The body is pre-sanded to provide a woodgrain effect finish.


Body profile is heated in warm water

1/ The body is heated in a bucket of warm water to assist when fitting to the track.

Track is fitted to the hull

2/ The track is fitted around the hull whilst the body is warming

Body is then fitted to the track

3/ The body is then clipped into position over the track.


As well as fendering profiles our Traditional Range includes block profiles which can be machined to provide bespoke solutions for your boat.


Completed look

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