Boat deck design - the flexibility of synthetic teak

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Have you given much thought to deck design using modern materials?


Synthetic teak boat decking is now a well established material and provides a superb alternative to traditional teak wood decks. The product is available in a range of colours to either mimic wood or take a step away from tradition and deliver a modern look to a boat deck.


Either way, the result is a low maintenance, non-slip boat decking product which is as well suited on a RIB or wakeboard boat as on a more traditional yacht design.


Looking first at the material itself, regardless of colour, synthetic teak (or plastic teak as it is sometimes referred to) uses a base compound of UV stabilised PVC to ensure that unlike real teak wood it will not fade prematurely through the intense heat of the sun.


In addition the material is stain resistant to liquids such as oil, fish blood and red wine - thus protecting against a good variety of boat owners!


This is provided that any such spills are cleaned up in a timely manner. Should they be allowed to dry then a light sanding along the grain of the plank using 40 grit sandpaper will remove most marks. These simple, no fuss maintenance procedures will help ensure that the deck remains fresh looking for years to come.


Such inherent features along with 100% material recyclability demonstrate why plastic decking materials have become more widely accepted as a viable, high performance solution for replacement decks as well as being specified in initial designs by boat builders.


 Synthetic teak boat deck - swept deck to herringbone


Moving on to deck design, synthetic teak can easily be fabricated by the professional to replicate the look of a classic teak wood deck.


In such instances traditional deck design elements are used when crafting the different areas of the deck. This results in high levels of detailing where plastic teak replaces wood and caulking on a like for like basis. 


Whilst undoubtedly more labour intensive, the result is an aesthetically pleasing design which is virtually indistinguishable to a real teak wood deck. This is simply because no corners are cut to ensure that traditional lines are followed.



Our Dek-King range can be fabricated into a work of beauty featuring sweeping side decks leading into a herringbone effect kingplank on the foredeck. Classic.


Alternatively, a deck can look just as effective when fabricated using a straight lay and without margins around the border of the deck and hatches.


The simplicity of this approach in no way diminishes the overall look that can be achieved. In fact the understated design allows the natural lines and look of the boat to shine and is perfectly suited to more modern craft where there is no requirement to conform to tradition.


A further advantage of not approaching a deck in a traditional manner is that the reduced attention to detail equates to a less labour intensive design which ultimately leads to a reduction in the overall cost of deck fabrication.


However, such reduction in costs are in no way reflective of the levels of quality and care that go into every deck design regardless of the customers preferred approach.


Synthetic teak boat deck - a modern look to a classic design


With synthetic teak there really are no limits concerning design constraints and a modern interpretation can easily be given to a classic.


The advancement of materials and finishing techniques has resulted in a new generation of synthetic teak which is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.


What are your thoughts on deck design? We'd like to hear them!

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